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Executive Job Search Expert Coach: Executive Job Search Informational Tips

Research prior to your executive job search informational interview

Research prior to your executive job search informational interview

Informational Meetings—Hidden Strengths


First, let's talk about what some people call the informational interview. Personally, I prefer the term informational meeting, but the two terms mean the same thing. I simply find the latter name lower key and more representative of what is actually trying to be accomplished. In my opinion, informational interview sounds a little more structured and even stressful than the type of meeting you want to take place with your executive job search.

An informational meeting is just like it sounds: one you arrange in order to collect information about an executive job, career field, industry, or company.

As previously discussed, as part of the personal networking portion of your executive job search campaign, you should be contacting 25 to 30 people daily. If you're doing that, realistically speaking, you will only be able to make 50 to 100 follow-up calls a week.

Plan for more calls than you think you will make, and you may just find yourself achieving a greater number of follow-ups than you thought you were capable of. Set the goal high and you'll soar higher than you initially believed! Remember the key is the sooner you get through your "no's" the sooner you will uncover your "yeses."

Relative to your target companies, you should be working on networking with your 25 to 50 (35) "A" companies on a daily basis. You should also plan to have 50 to 75 companies on your "B" companies list and 75 to 125 on you "C" list.

Because most executive job seekers will not use these techniques, this will give you an edge in uncovering the hidden jobs others are virtually ignoring. Leverage your target company lists to unearth the hidden executive jobs no one is going after!

At this point, you're probably asking, "If they need an executive job and are looking for a new one, why are most executive people not trying this strategy?" The answer is that the techniques I'm suggesting here are designed for the truly motivated and committed executive job seekers who want to win the executive job! They involve hard work and consistent effort on your part, something not everyone wants to put into their executive job search. That said, conducting an executive job search campaign in the hidden executive job market can, at times, prove more challenging.

One of the reasons it is more difficult is that you find yourself more on the front line, where the likelihood of being rejected is much higher. Prior to this economy, the typical rejection rate was 20-30% of every 100 letters sent out. In this current market, that number is more likely to be 40%-60%.

Now compare that to the typical success record, which can run about 2-4% depending on your situation, and the fear associated with the hidden executive job market is warranted.

But don't forget that the faster you get through the "no's" the faster you get to the homerun "yes." The name of the game is persistence.

At times, staying in the executive job search game may require a higher level of persistence than you're used to. Over time, the lack of seeing results may begin to wear on you. Don't let them beat you! The results you're seeking are just around the corner, so hang in there. As you continue to push forward, here are some points to ponder:  

The next mile is the only one a person really has to make.

—Danish proverb


The rewards for those who persevere far exceed

the pain that must precede the victory.

—Ted Engstrom

  *** The above material is an excerpt from my newest executive job search book, The NEW Rules of Job Search – How to Land an Executive Job in the New Economy, Chapter 9 pages 138-39. Have a great 2018 landing that next great executive job! I look forward to helping you land that next great job!

Take care,


Eleanor Anne Sweet

Executive Job Search Expert Coach ™


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