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The NEW Rules of Job Search - How to Land an Executive Job in the New Economy

By Eleanor Anne Sweet


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The NEW Rules of Job Search: How to Land an Executive Job in the New Economy


                                              Also now available in a Kindle version... 

See what everyone is saying........

"This wonderful book shows you how to find and get the job you want, saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of lost income."

--- Brian Tracy – Author, Earn What You’re Really Worth

Rita Emmett - Time Management

"If you have been sending out resumes and are discouraged with the sad results, then this book is for you. Here are new and innovative ways to turbo charge your job search and put yourself ahead of all the others competing for those same interviews. Follow Eleanor's "Job Search Success System" and you will start to see the positive results you want." 

--- Rita Emmett, Author of "The Procrastinator's Handbook"

"Eleanor is a breath of fresh air, with a straight forward, no-nonsense approach on how to REALLY land a job in the New Economy with her easy “Job Search Success System”. The book gives a very clear road map on techniques and tools she has used professionally for the past 23 years, to uncover hidden positions in the market place."

--- Mark Victor Hansen – Co -Author, Mastering the Art of Success, coauthor of The Power of Focus and coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive.

“If you want something that’s difficult to find, my motto is, research for a highly respected expert to help you. Finding an Executive position in a tough economy is not easy.

Eleanor Anne Sweet is the expert you need to give you peace of mind and a new opportunity. Focus on her success system. It works!”  

--- Les Hewitt, Bestselling author, The Power of Focus

"The job market has changed. You must update your job search and get the right tools for success in this labor market and in this economy. You will get the competitive edge in your job search when you read The NEW Rules of the Job Search - How to Land and Executive Job in the New Economy with Eleanor Sweet, nationally recognized Executive Job Search Expert.

--- Kurt Mortensen, Author of Maximum Influence and Persuasion IQ


"Do you want a job? A good job? You need to turbocharge your job search with the inside secrets that Eleanor has gained through over 20 years of successful experience showing people just like you how to land the right job FAST. This labor market is different. You need a different strategy. This book will give you a game plan to follow to win!"

--- Robert Allen, Bestselling Author, Nothing Down, Nothing Down for Women, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, One Minute Millionaire, Cracking the Code, Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in No Time

Peter Giannetti

"Eleanor Anne Sweet applies her tried-and-true methods for executive placement to an important new resource for navigating through today's choppy job market. Sweet's detailed , easy-to-follow guide doesn't just show you how to land a job, it shows you how to resume a career.

---Peter Giannetti, Editor-in-Cheif, HomeWorld Business Magazine

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What job seekers are saying about me.....

“I've known Eleanor for many years - both as a candidate and a client. I can honestly say she's one of the best recruiters/career coaches there is in the business. She's not only a subject matter expert in job search, but also applies what she teaches to real live career situations. She has a tremendous amount of integrity and is driven to achieve great results for her clients/candidates. You would be crazy not to consider her for your career search needs. She has a deep knowledge of product categories and companies. In addition she is extremely networked in with many people. Please take the time to get to know Eleanor and what she can do for you. I guarantee you won't be sorry.” -  Rick S., Atlanta, Georgia


“Eleanor has more connections than the soundboard at a Coldplay concert. And if you're going to be a Career Coach/Headhunter, nothing is more important. The reason she knows so many people--people who will gladly take her call-- is that she not only knows her field, she gives everyone her full attention and respect. In a field littered with charlatans, money-grabbing Websites and late arrivers, Eleanor is the real deal.” -  Bob Simon, Akron, Ohio




Eleanor Sweet is the epitome of professionalism and results. When she makes a promise, she follows through. Her industry knowledge and expertise make her a valuable partner in one's job search. Her seminars are first class and I can without hesitation highly recommend them. Her new book, "The New Rules of Job Search" will be a bestseller and a go-to resource for anyone seeking employment. Give her a call today. You won't regret it." - Gail Baker, Houston, Texas


Dan Stuart

“Eleanor possesses the best combination of qualities for an executive recruiter and mentor for candidates. She is communicative and available, but always honest and up-front with clients and candidates alike. She is an excellent coach and works hard to prepare candidates for the challenges of the job search and ultimate interviewing process.
In her coaching program for candidates she provides them with the tools necessary to identify opportunities in the hidden jobs market. I have personally worked with Eleanor as a candidate and client and found her to conduct her practice with the utmost integrity. She is always at the top of her profession and a pleasure to work with.” -  Dan S., Cleveland, Ohio


 “I am anxiously awaiting the release of Eleanor's new book that is coming out shortly. I have worked with Eleanor numerous times over the past few years. She is a professional that is truly committed to helping individuals with your job search. She supplies great support and information that is critical for a successful job search. Based on my experience working with her there is no doubt that her book will be a success. If you are looking to work with a recruiter I would highly recommend Eleanor's talents.”  - Alan M., Orlando, Florida


“Professionalism is foremost when it comes to making reference to Eleanor. Her knowledge of the marketplace and the various ways in order to approach the present day environment allows an employment candidate to realize that her path for success is key and does work. Her seminars and consultive guidance is worth more than gold. Her directives and thought initiating visions have helped me gain a more defined path and direction in which I have landed a Director of Sales and Marketing position.

Down to earth terms, everyday life situations and personal experiences are conveyed during her lectures. One can only leave to go out and make it happen. Eleanor is truly the best take advantage of her outstanding abilities.” – Ira S., Centereach, New York


 “I highly recommend Eleanor as an excellent recruiter. She has a very enthusiastic and energetic personality and I felt an immediate connection with her. She may work for the client but really cares about the candidate. Eleanor is very thorough and has excellent follow up and follows through. A true professional.” – Marguerite D., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


After you purchase your book, focus on Chapter 3 and Chapter 9. After you have read those chapters, email me your most recent resume to  Mark in the subject line, "Chapter 3". After you email me feel free to call me at 847-304-4500.

I look forward to helping you with your job search success in 2012!

Warm regards,


Eleanor Anne Sweet

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