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Eleanor Anne Sweet

Nationally recognized

Executive Job Search Expert,

Coach, Speaker and Author. 

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Instant Job Leads #1

(TJSE – 101B)

In this book I am going to share with you some techniques that I have used professionally for over 20 years to find more job leads for my recruiting business.

The method I am showing you in this eBook will give you the resources tools to cross reference different industry product categories. It will give you the names and titles of the executives to contact, to find the hidden jobs in the companies that are not being posted externally.

This is a tool that the majority of job seekers will not be aware of, much less take the time to make the effort and commitment to use. This will give you a competitive edge in the job market!

You will find a 10 step process to help you find 17, 400+ possible job leads, and more than 52,200 executive contact names.

Understand that this method will work and you will find a job, but first you must be committed to wanting to find a job and make the effort to work hard on you job search campaign.

Included with you purchase is 30 minutes of personal career coaching with Eleanor Anne Sweet. (1- 30 minutes, or 2 -15 minute sessions, your choice) Valued at $170

Total value of Instant Job Leads #1 is $199 for the book and personal coaching.

Introductory Price is $27.47

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