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Eleanor Anne Sweet

Nationally recognized

Executive Job Search Expert,

Coach, Speaker and Author. 

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The sooner you have a better resume the sooner you will get that job you are looking for!

Do you feel like you keep sending your resume out for job leads, but you are not hearing back from anyone or getting any feedback?

Are you frustrated that you are not getting more face to face interviews?

Are you always a “bridesmaid but never the bride” in the hiring process?

Could your resume be the answer?

Let’s see!

The Resume-Expert is in!

This session will include 2-15 sessions on evaluating your current resume. This is a personal one on one interactive process. We will be working together on your resume.

I will give you some suggestions on how to strengthen and improve your resume relative to your current job search needs.

In the second session we will finalize the revised version that you have created.

I want you to have the strongest resume to “knock their socks off”

A lot of people’s professional background is in reality stronger than their resume communicates.

Let’s make sure your true professional story is being told.

Having a resume that catches your target employer's eye is priceless!

Total value of this product is $170

Special Introductory Price is $24.99

Let’s get it done!

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