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Executive Job Search Expert Coach: Networking with LinkedIn in Your Executive Search

LinkedIn - A Great Executive Job Search Tool

LinkedIn - A Great Executive Job Search Tool  

6 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search Networking

  1. You can use LinkedIn's search tools to find executives who are in your target companies. In the search bar, choose the "Companies" option and enter the name of the company you're interested in contacting. Under the industry section, pick "Any Industry" or the specific one you prefer. You will then be presented with a list of LinkedIn members who work for that company.

2.  Go to the "Companies" tab and try this technique. Select "Browse All Industries" and select your industry. Look at every profile that interests you. When you have the profiles open, look at which "Groups and Associations" they have listed. This is another area to look for in your networking endeavors. If it makes sense, join the same group.

3. Consider joining Toplinked at You should be able to link to its members. This group is made up of "open networkers" in LinkedIn who should be fairly amenable to accepting your invitation.

4. Make sure you are working on getting LinkedIn recommendations from your past supervisors, customers, peers, etc.

5. Don't forget to look at the "Applications" link on your LinkedIn home page. Check out which applications you would like to add to your account. 6. Consider adding the "Polls" function, which allows you to send a poll about your job search to your list. You will need to have 150 contacts in order to be able to use this product, but you will be able to reach everyone faster than by emailing or phoning them. There are various products out there that will coordinate and connect all your Social Networking sites for you. Linking them all together will save you time. That's because everything will be updated at the same time. Not only is it a competitive market out there, but it's also constantly changing technologically. That being the case, anything you can do to simplify the process is beneficial.

*** The above material is an excerpt from my newest executive job search book, The NEW Rules of Job Search – How to Land an Executive Job in the New Economy, Chapter 8, pages 133-34. Bottom line is to take action steps with your executive job search every day. Use these tips and get more comfortable with social media and LinkedIn.

I look forward to helping you land that next great executive job that you have been looking for during your executive job search!

Take care,


Eleanor Anne Sweet

Executive Job Search Expert Coach ™


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