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Job Search Tips: You Need to Deal with Adversity with Your Job Search

It seems like life lately is full of a lot of adversity and stress on a daily basis. I think life was like that before, but with this recent recession, and this New Economy, it seems like there is more present in everyone’s life.

I  shares with you a video on "Tenacity" and how that applies to your executive job search. There was a lot of positive feedback from everyone saying how much that video helped put a perspective on what everyone was going through with their current job search.

One of my readers shared the video listed below with me, that they felt also was inspiring regarding the topic of "Adversity". Rick you are right. Great video! Thank you for sharing that with everyone to help them during their executive search. WATCH this great short video below..

Now read the blog listed below on a suggested way to cope with stress. The job market is slowly improving. Stay in the game! ****************************************************************************

70% or more of your six figure executive job search success depends on a positive mindset. My book is "The NEW Rules of Job Search - How to Land an Executive Job in the New Economy". Tell your friends, help is on the way.

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Have a great week! I believe in you!

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